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About Us

Professional GuideInside Sardinia is a cultural non-profit organization that aims to promote and enhance the art , culture , archaeology and the territory of Sardinia.

Our activities are aimed at our members, with membership costing just € 5 per year.

Inside Sardinia is made up of local walking guides with years of experience , united by a passion – Sardinia! Our goal is to transmit this passion to our members !

Why choose to visit Sardinia with Inside Sardinia ?

  1. Because with us you will not just see Sardinia but become friends with her" , the Sardinia which
    is not found in the Pocket Guide

  2. Because you 'll feel an unique and unforgettable experience
  3. Because with us you will be exhilerated for your entire stay
  4. Because our tours are tailored to your needs and personal tastes
  5. Because with us you will dine only in local restaurants far away from major tourist groups
  6. Because our guides are highly specialized

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