Alghero Torre dello Sperone

Alghero is located in the north-west of Sardinia, on the coast called “Costa del Corallo” (the coral coast). This town is unique and it belonged for ages to the Catalan-Aragon kingdom, and still today we find traces of this past, for example the names of the streets are written in Catalan language. People call this town “Barceloneta” (the small Barcelona) for the dialect people speak which is similar to the Catalan language. As a matter of fact Alghero is a kind of linguistic island.

The old town is surrounded by high medieval walls overlooking the sea. Nowadays, it has 40 thousand inhabitants and is the 5th largest town in Sardinia. Alghero is one of the principal gates to our island thanks to Fertilia airport and the ferry lines linking Alghero to Corsica and to mainland Italy.


Alghero is the capital of “Costa del Corallo”, 80 km long coast, “Marrargiu” Cape is the southern limit while “Porto Ferro” is the northern one. “Costa del Corallo is so called because of a great amount of high quality red coral which is still fished out by expert “corallari” people who go into the sea to collect this valuable treasure. Economically and culturally the working and the selling of this product has always been important for the population, in fact a branch of coral is inside the Alghero coat of arms.


Alghero Porto Conte

Alghero has a really varied landscape including beaches of thin sand and rocky creeps. Along its coast we find the typical Mediterranean vegetation alternated with pine groves. “Capo Caccia” promontory has an appreciated panorama thanks ot its cliff which resembles a sleepy giant, this is one of the most known symbols of this town. “Capo Caccia” promontory and the “Piana” Island have a naturalistic richness. The particular karst conformation makes this area full of caves and clefts.


Exactly in this area we find the Nettuno caves you can visit coming from the sea and using the famous “escala del cabirol” with 656 steps which allow you to discover indoor rooms and pools, stalactites and stalagmites. Another interesting place is “Noah’s Ark”, near Tramariglio hamlet where you vcan hike in the middle of yhe nature. The griffin nests in this area, as do the peregrine falcon and the kestrel, of course they are protected species. We find not only birds, but even partridges, fallow deer, Giara’s horses and wild birds.


From the Timidore Mountain and Capo Cristallo we can admire the griffins flying while the “Diavolo Bay is perfect to go diving and to do snorkeling. Vegetation is also important with rare plants and flowers like the bluebottle.

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