Gorroppu Canyon
Canyon di Gorroppu

Called the Grand Canyon of Europe, Su Gorropu is a spectacular gorge flanked by towering limestone walls up to 400m in height. It is located in the Supramonte area, in the central part of Sardinia and marks the border between the territories of Orgosolo and Urzulei.


The Gorroppu canyon was formed as a result of erosion by the Flumineddu river, which has carved out impressive vertical walls that narrow to just 4 metres.


The majestic landscape impresses the visitor and makes this place an unmissable masterpiece of nature.


The endemic Aquilegia nuragica plant grows only here and it’s also possible to observe mouflon and golden eagles.

The path along the canyon, between huge white limestone rocks will leave a lasting impression on any visitor, especially when looking up to see the seemingly endless majestic walls, reducing one to a seemingly insignificant dot on the landscape. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and fascinating places of Sardinia.


This place has always been frequented by people, as evidenced by the various nuraghis in the area: the Nuraghe Sa domu de s'Orcu, the Nuraghe Presetu tortu and the dominant Nuraghe Mereu.


The importance of this place in the tradition and tales of local residents is also demonstrated by several legends which tell of the presence of mysterious characters like mama de Gorroppu (mother Gorroppu) , or Sos drullios , evil creatures that at night, snatch men and animals, never to be seen again!

  1. Details of the excursion to the Canyon Gorroppu:

There are two main routes.


The second and slightly easier route to Gorropu is via Sa Barva bridge, about 15km from the village of Dorgali.


From here it’s a scenic two-hour hike, through an oak grove , strawberry trees and other Mediterranean plants, along the Rio Flumineddu to the mouth of the gorge.

From here you follow the “throat” (gola) for about a mile.

To hike into the gorge you’ll need sturdy shoes and sufficient water.

Duration of tour: 3 ore

Level: Easy (on request medium)

Transfer from Cagliari

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