Monte Arcuentu
Monte Arcuentu

Monte Arcuentu is located within the vast territory of Arbus, in the south west of Sardinia. Even though this mountain is not so high (just 784 m), it has a commanding position overlooking the near “Costa Verde” (Green Coast).


This mountain has a particular shape, like the head of a man lying on the ground; for this reason it is easily recognizable from a long distance.


This destination is worth visiting by everyone who is passing through this area. Monte Arcuentu lies in a mountainous area, 8 km. long, which cuts the coast line diagonally; while there are outstanding massive rocky walls on the mountain sides created by a far-off volcanic activity.


The naturalistic richness of this area is as important as its geological richness. We can find the typical Mediterranean vegetation all along the path going uphill and a centuries-old holm oak grove on the top of the peak.


There is a beautiful view from up there, and you let ypur sight wander around you having an overall view of the Campidano Plane from Oristano to Cagliari.

  1. Hiking Monte Arcuentu details:

The hike starts from a place called “Sa Tanca”, near Montevecchio, going torwards Marina di Arbus. There is a billboard on the right of the road signaling the start of the path which is about 6.5 km. long drifting north-west.


The climb is a bit demanding because of its gradient and the uneven ground. Even though you do not need to be a professional climber, please be careful.


The difference in height during the excursion is about 450 m.

Duration of tour: 3 ore

Level: Medium

Transfer from Cagliari

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