The real Sardinia

Typical Roast PorkSardinia means blue sea, white beaches and unspoiled nature.
This is what appears to the eyes of any visitor.
You may discover , however, an island that offers more: traditions, flavours and humanity.

These aspects can be enjoyed only if you stop to truly observe this land.
With Inside Sardinia you will discover villages where people are still living from agriculture, farming and handcraft; where time seems to pass more slowly and the chaos of the city is just an a hallucination! Few lands have ancient traditions still alive in rites and rituals, celebrations, festivals and tales, as this island has.


To choose Inside Sardinia is to choose to discover, the Sardinia off the beaten track of mass tourism ( without giving up any of the well known attractions) and the true soul of the island.

In Sardinia you can savour the aromas and tastes that have been lovingly and passionately preserved by the island’s grandmothers who appreciate their true value.

You can discover sounds thousands of years old:It is hard not to be captivated by the sound of " launeddas ", wind instruments that accompany " su ballu tundu " (the round dance) that has been played in Sardinia for three thousand years!

You will not only be fascinated by the Sardinian dances but also by the traditional costumes, so colourful and richly decorated with beautiful jewels found in no other Italian region, nor does any other region have as many traditional customs as Sardinia has.


Each village has its own costume and displays it with pride because it represents its identity.

  1. Event Details:

Feel at home with dinner at a local restaurant with traditional music and dance.

Thanks to the generous hospitality of the people of the Mediterranean you will enjoy the true essence of an island rich in traditions and ancient stories.

An evening of fun surrounded by Sardinian tradition.

It is not just a dinner, it is an experience for those who want to "live" the real Sardinia and spend an evening full of excitement; among musicians, ancient flavours , dishes.

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