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The sacred well of Tatinu Nuxis

Scala Pozzo Sacro Nuxis

In the Bronze Age Sardinia changed. People built about seven thousand nuraghis-towers and these formed the base of the economy in trade and farming.
Even the funerary rituals changed as did religion.


People built temples, called " pit " , like that of Tatinu Nuxis, dating back to the Late Bronze Age where the worshipping of water took place.


The temple, which immediately impresses the visitor with its grandure, was dug around a spring and it was a place of pilgrimage.




Necropolis of Montessu - Villaperuccio

Vista Necropoli Montessu

The words "Domus de Janas" refer to the ancient legends that speak of mysterious fairies of small stature who would inhabit these places. The researcher Domenico Lovisato says that, according to legend, Fonni, the Janas were beautiful fairies, with a lovely voice, so beautiful that even today, "beautiful like a Jana" indicates a woman of rare beauty.


We know that the Domus de Janas that are built all over Sardinia (over 2400) are tombs carved into the rock by the people who lived on the island since the Neolithic age. Many of these appear as little more than a hole in the wall, although some harbour wonderful graffiti carvings while others are large and complex.


Check out the Tomba delle Spirali where you can clearly make out the carved spirals and symbolic bulls. These grand tombs, which we find in the whole of the Mediterranean Sea, are characterized by exquisite excavation and made with stone tools and are richly decorated.


  1. Details of guided tour:

The excursion includes a tour guided by an archaeologist specializing in prehistoric ages, of the necropolis of Montessu and the sacred well of Tatinu with lunch at a farmhouse.

Duration of guided touri: One Day


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