Punta Molentis

There is no doubt that Villasimius is one of the most famous touristic places in Sardinia. It has several nice beaches, alternating small ones to bigger ones, set among rock promontories that are the continuation of the rock ridge of the “Sette Fratelli” granite massif. This part of the coast belongs to the Protected Marine Area of “Capo Carbonara” joined to Cavoli Island and Serpentara iusland. All its beaches are characterized by crystal clear emerald coloured water and a bright and thin sand, like for example the beach of “Molentis” Cape where a beautiful beach is set in an impressive scenery.


“Molentis” Cape is so called for the donkeys (su molenti) used for carrying blocks of granite in the nearby cave.


Another interesting place is “Sa Ruxi” Port, a place full of white sandy dunes where there are centuries-old junipers which have created an invaluable naturalistic treasure. “Giunco” Port is called the beach of two seas for its particular position; it is characterized by a long strip of sand that separates “Notteri” Pond from the sea.


Near the Spanish tower there are two small beaches famous for their pink sand created by the sea erosion of the granite.

As well as Villasimius, “Cavoli “ Island and “Serpentara” Island also belong to the Marine Park of Capo Carbonara. “Cavoli” Island has an interesting lighthouse built on an old Spanish tower, it was a refuge during the Second World War, while nowadays it is residence of a marine Study Center belonging to Cagliari University. many tales have been told about this lighthouse, like for example one telling the story of the lighthouse keeper and his family who lived two weeks completely isolated in the island and kept alive eating sea gulls.


Villasimius is also rich in history. It is worth visiting the old Fortress (Fortezza Vecchia) which houses an archeological museum situated in a promontory of “Carbonara” Cape. It was originally a building built around 19th century by order of Filippo II, the king of Spain, when he wanted to create a kind of net of massive fortresses all around Sardinia to protect the Island from Saracen pirates.


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